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    Coffee farmers in West Java Gather at Mount Puntang


    Bandung District-The community or group of coffee, which consists of the coffee farmers and craftsmen from West Java gathered in the "Sarasehan Urang Gunung" especially activists of Java Preanger Coffee in Vila Puntang Djaya Bandung Resort, Cempaka Mulya Village, Cimaung, District of Bandung, on Monday (10/17/16).

    The event was held in the framework of friendship and inter-coffee community discussions West Java, such as from Garut, Bandung regency, and Cianjur regency. Through this event, Java Preanger Coffee Craftsman as well as Chairman of the Events Committee "Sarasehan Urang Gunung", Ayi Sutedja expects that coffee can be a major agricultural industry and have high economic value.

    "The aim of this event is to make coffee farm to be something big and have economic value that can be exploited by farmers, "Ayi said in a report on this event.

    Ayi claimed this informal discussion was held for the first time for coffee farmers and artisans in West Java, so he hopes the event anyway can produce output or input for the development of the coffee industry with the direct involvement of farmers and craftsmen.

    "The main problem we face today are in the coffee production process. 80 percent of the problem is in the production process, "said Ayi.

    In the production process, today farmers can only produce Coffee fruit in shell. So, Ayi wanted a support to the farmers can produce - at least grain formation process. "Better if farmers are able to produce green bean. Well it can get a selling point for the farmers, "he explained.

    It also received support from the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher). Aher said he will continue to push West Java coffee production, especially the Java Preanger products can continue to be global, because the coffee does have world quality.

    "Alhamdulillah when we were in Atlanta, the production of Preanger Coffee from Mount Puntang awarded number one in the world. So we want more known and we will continue to provide opportunity to the people to grow coffee, "said Aher between the workshop.

    "We also continue to encourage the farmers of coffee with many production and better price of production, the price is getting better. the food for farmers will be more prosperous, even the welfare of farmers is primary when Java Preanger coffee is known by the world community as the best coffee, "he added.

    West Java until now have up to 36,000 hectares of coffee plantation with the potential for up to 200,000 hectares of land. In addition, West Java also has geographical indications land for coffee plantations up to 9 (nine) land indication, 6 (six) of them in Bandung, 2 (two) in Garut, and 1 (one) in Sumedang.

    To support the development of the coffee industry in West Java, annually West Java provincial government was distributing millions of coffee tree seedlings to the community and coffee farmers. The next year plan West Java province will distribute coffee tree seedlings again up to 5 (five) million seedlings of the best and certified coffee trees.

    On the occasion, it was also conducted provision of capital declaration or credit and coaching support in the financial services sector, BNI Bank and BJB Bank for coffee farmers and craftmens in West Java.

    BNI provides a support CSR in the form of Community Development Partnership Program (PKBL) for the treatment of waste and green house to Ayi Sutedja Rp 50 million, as well as the program's Business Credit (KUR) symbolically to 5 (Five) persons Rp 25 million each. While the BJB Bank gives Cinta Rakyat  Credit program (KCR) symbolically to five (5) persons Rp 5 million each.

    The assistance program was welcomed and received appreciation from the Chairman of Financial Services Authority (OJK) Mulyaman Hadad who was also present at the workshop. Mulyaman said it is in line with the efforts of OJK which continue to encourage the banking sector in Indonesia in order to facilitate the credit provision.

    "This could open up greater access to finance, so that inclusion of financial now driven by the government could be part of this. The important thing is already integrated process, from certainty of its products, certification of seed, coaching mentality to the farmer then there is a purchase products. Well, if it is running well, everything will be okay, "said Mulyaman.

    OJK was currently pushing suistanable finance, mainly related for lending not only bussiness oriented, but also environment oriented. According to Mulyaman, the world is currently focused on the demand for environmentally friendly products.

    "We put forward not only on bussiness oriented especially the products such as this products (coffee). That's why we also encourage financial institutions to sign and understand the existing prospects in sustainable finance or green financing, "he concluded.

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