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    Aher Hopes Java Preanger Coffee to be Global


    Bandung District-On one occasion in the Seminar "Urang Gunung" Coffee farmers in West Java, on Monday (17/10) at Puntang Mountain Tourism Region district of Bandung, Ahmad Heryawan is very hopeful that West Java Java Preanger Coffee product continues to be global.

    Aher has a reasonable expectation, considering Java Preanger coffee from West Java has high quality and a distinctive flavor that is not owned by other regions and countries. "Coffee Java Preanger which developed by farmers in West Java is Arabica type", and if we drink it is certainly do not add sugar, it will be beneficial for our bodies, he added.

    According to Aher, so far West Java coffee lovers are coffee lovers from abroad, while our people (coffee lovers) generally drink coffee "sachet" which has been mixed with sugar and essence (flavoring).

    Aher explained that the coffee which is packed in sachets already has not "coffee oil" contains, whereas coffee oil which cause a sense of favors and benefits for the body. Age of coffee when it blend only 15 days, after that it will smell "teungik", while coffee in sachets months old, it means that the coffee oil content in the coffee sachet are already disposed, clear Aher.

    For that Aher invites people used to drink coffee original and do not add sugar.

    Explained by Governor Aher, that in order to strengthen the coffee quality of West Java, the government in 2016 has been distributed free of charge certified coffee tree seedlings to farmers in West Java.
    As for 2017, the provincial government will distribute as many as 5 million certified coffee tree seedlings. "This is a form of state concern to farmers, because if we want the welfare of farmers, the state must be present to help ", concluded Aher.

    On the occasion of the Seminar Urang Gunung Coffee Farmers in West Java, given soft loans to West Java Coffee farmers from BNI Bank and BJB Bank, each ranging from Rp 30 million to Rp 300 million.

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