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    Peparnas XV 2016 in West Java, Officially Opened by Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs


    BANDUNG-In an atmosphere of cloudy and light rain fell, Youth and Sports Minister, Imam Nachrowi with umbrella aides, inaugurated the National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XV event on Saturday afternoon (15/10), held in Siliwangi Stadium Bandung.

    Inauguration of Peparnas XV, delivered in his speech and then pressing
    fireworks surging button "signs began mat sport of persons with limitations".

    As usual, the opening event was marked with performances by streak of the students of SMK 10 Bandung that describes the repertoire of cultural and natural wealth of Indonesia. Begins with the hundreds of dancers performance with colorful costumes, telling about the culture all provinces in Indonesia. typical songs of each province presented and combined with colossal dance that adapts to a typical song lyrics each province. The colossal dance performances, more interesting and beautiful with video mapping that displays an image of culture and art each province. A whole variety of dances, all framed shades of Red and White, as a sign of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    Spectators are generally children of Bandung students, giving the response with thunderous applause, shouting admiration each performances are presented.

    When the implementation of procession which the total 33 contingents were very different with the implementation of the procession on the PON ago, at this time, the calling of contingent is done once the two contingents coming from left and right sides. After that, the participants do not line up in a row in the middle of the field, but sat on either side of the VIP boxes while overlooking the field, either on wheel athletes or blind athletes.

    All of it, said Imam Nachrowi in his speech, "that we does not distinguish between the provision of facilities for those athletes with perfectly physical and athletes with physical limitations. "The government, add Imam
    Nachrowi, would not distinguish it. Even in the matter of bonuses and other facilities, still equated with other athlete.

    Minister of Youth and Sports (Affairs) Iman Nachrowi greatly positive appreciate to the West Java Government efforts in organizing Peparnas XV. "Even he continued, for the first time in the History of the Peparnas, opening ceremony done in the afternoon. "Of course it has an intention to which it aspires," he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his report convey, that Peparnas XV are recorded as The first Peparnas which the implementation is put together after the PON.

    Governor further, that Peparnas this time, the Government of West Java Province will provide facilities and services as well as possible. "No distinguishing from PON ago ", he added.

    Even for this time Peparnas XV provided special buses to transport disabilities athletes who use wheelchairs, "this is the first time held in The History of organizing Peparnas ", he concluded.

    The opening event ends with a series of activities, raising the flag of
    Peparnas, reading appointments athletes and referees, as well as light the cauldron with fire carried by the athletes disabilities. When the torch flame was brought by Peparnas athletes used wheelchairs did not finish to the point of ignition, then The athletes carried in the shoulder by one of the officers. in slowly climbed the stairs and inspired by the thousands of spectators while screaming "you can", which ended with the tenacity of the athletes, A fire was burning in the cauldron. Lit for up to date October 24, 2016.

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