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    West Java Surges Freedom For Palestine


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) attended the Solidarity Action for Palestinian or Palestine Solidarity Day 2016 at Sabuga, Tamansari Street Bandung on Saturday (15.10.16). Aher said,
    the solidarity event and its presence at the event as support and the favor of the independence of Palestinian people and other nations oppressed in various parts of the world, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Myanmar, and other countries.

    "We are here not for ourselves included not for Indonesia, but we are also as the world community. Let us present this surge well together, "Aher said in his speech at the event.

    Aher said that when we have a desire to defend Palestinians, at the same time we also must strengthen the sense of nationality and unity of the Muslims in Indonesia in all fields such as economics, faith, and others. According to Aher, it can accelerate the nation's support for Palestinian independence.

    In essence, the spirit of independence of the Palestinian people originated from the City of Bandung through Asia-Africa Conference in 1955 ago. To that end, Aher added that Indonesia Nation still has a debt support to Palestine for free.

    "This is where exhaled, Dasa Sila Bandung to inflame the independence of the nations of Asia and Africa. Entire nations are present when they are free except one, namely the Palestinians, "Aher said after the ceremony in the presence of members of the media.

    "We are encouraged to express independence of the Palestinians and it is natural if the Muslims in Indonesia as the largest Muslim has concern to encourage the independence of the Palestinian people. because independence is the right of all nations, "he concluded.

    In this solidarity action, it also held musical concerts that is concerned concert from a group of religious music Shoutul harokah and exhibition booth with various crafts products and goods.

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