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    West Java Provincial Government Increase Quantity and Quality of School


    SUBANG - Towards the functional transition of SMA/SMK, West Java Provincial Government are determined and continue to encourage the presence of secondary schools, especially vocational schools (SMK). In addition, the West Java Provincial Government will improve the quality management for school and teachers.

    "When the SMA/SMK management withdrawn by the Provincial Government, we will pay attention to quality. Secondly, we will concern on spreading distribution to all over the place, so that all the people in West Java has the right to access vocational school as part of an 12 years education,” said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan after reviewing SMK 2 Subang and livestock vocational school who became MTT Champion in District Subang, Friday (13/11).

    "It's important to enlarge the SMK quota. We will build a new school zones. At the same time we will also add the classrooms where is still lack of students, and also deploy qualified teachers to various school of West Java. So that both quality and quantity spread so evenly,” said the Governor.

    Governor also revealed that he will pointed to SMK to be pilot project, such as SMK Negeri 2 in Subang that could become a pilot vocational school management. This school having a complete range of facilities for students to directly apply their knowledge, they are also trained to develop skills and businesses.

    SMK Negeri 2 Subang has a motorcycle parts factory. Their products have also became subscribe to one of the renowned automotive companies, as well as other facilities such as machining parts that are capable of producing one of the motor parts, chairs and desks made of iron. In addition, SMK has also been able to produce mineral water and juice drinks packaged.

    While SMK MTT is one of the most livestock SMK which managed by entrepreneurs who are engaged in livestock. It was established in 2013 and has 66 students. They also not allowed to pay a dime for schooling here.

    SMK is located at Pasir Bilik street, Nyalindung Village, Tenjolaya, Kasomalang District, Subang and has a complete facility for students to learn.


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