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    The Blazing of Fire Peparnas Will Pep Up


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) as Chairman of PON XIX Peparnas XV Executive Boards 2016 West Java releases Carnival troupe of Peparnas Fire XV / 2016 Gedung Sate yard, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Saturday morning (15.10.16). The delegation will move towards Siliwangi Stadium, Lombok Street Bandung which will henceforth start in cauldron of Peparnas at the Opening Ceremony this afternoon.

    Fire torches carried by Ika Damayanti, athlete sports of Athletics and Abdul Kholiq (sports Table Tennis). Ika is a gold medalist athlete in various sports competitions like Porcab, Porda / Porcaprov, Porcada, Porcanas, and Peparda. Mojang (Woman) born in Bandung, on August 15, 2016 she also won a bronze medal at the Special Olympics World Games 2015 sports Badminton (Mixed Doubles), as well as the gold medalist for Badminton sports the same event (Women-Singles) in the United States.

    While Abdul Kholiq, born in Ciamis, July 6, 1944 is an athlete winning champions in various sports competitions such as Porcab, Porda / Porcaprov, Porcada, Porcanas, and  Table Tennis National Championship. Other than that, 72-year-old man had represented Indonesia at the  Asia Pasific Table Tennis championships or FESPIC Games 1999 in Taiwan.

    In this fire carnival, Ika and Abdul accompanied by 30 runners from 6 (Six) School for Special Needs (SLB) in the city of Bandung, including SLB Lob, Fadilah, Muhammadiyah, Darul Hidayah, YPDB, Sukapura.

    Meanwhile, in his speech before he releases the carnival, Governor Aher said that the source of Peparnas fire is derived from the same source
    as PON XIX, from the source of eternal flame in the District of Indramayu.

    "Being our expectations along with the blazing of Peparnas fire hopefully the participants will be more blazing their spirit, ready to compete, uphold sportsmanship, based on the nationalism spirit, and the spirit of unity, "said Aher.

    Through this event, athletes are also expected to be born as a new legend or paralimpian that could lift dignity and degree of the nation in the arena of International Paralympic. This is consistent with the slogan PON XIX and Peparnas XV / 2016 Jabar, "Be Champion in the Land of Legend".

    Peparnas XV / 2016 is an event for the third time in the West Java as a host. Earlier, West Java hosted Peparnas V in 1972 and Peparnas XI in 1998. The motto that carried is the same, Four Success: Successful Operation, Successful Achievement, Successful Economic Empowerment and Success Administration.

    "We expect the implementation of Peparnas 15 2016 can be recorded with gold ink on the history of sport in Indonesia, "he concluded

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