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    Aher Wants to Give Best Services


    BANDUNG-At the Gala Diner, entertained the National Paralympic athletes Week(Peparnas) XV / 2016 West Java, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that he wants to provide the best service for athletes at basically these special needs.

    One of them, holding a dinner party, or gala diner, It is a form of welcoming the Peparnas athletes who were also conducted on PON athletes earlier. In that sense, PON & Peparnas Executive Boards of West Java entertain and treat all prefentially either Peparnas athletes or PON.

    PON XIX / Peparnas XV Executive Boards strive to provide disabled-friendly service, one of which is the provision of special buses for athletes with disabilities during the sporting event. The special bus equipped with hydraulic device to lift the wheelchair entrance to the bus. Other than that, provided the specific facilities for athletes with disabilities, ranging from the hotel provides disabled facilities, special access roads to the venue and other special things.

    "We're working hard to bring the best to make a comfort the athletes (Peparnas), we also innovate, there buses specifically for the needs of friends with disabilities. We also select hotel provide access for the disabled, "said Aher at the Gala Diner together with Peparnas XV / 2016 athletes, in The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, Gatot Subroto Street No. 289, Friday night(14/10/2016).

    Related to inn, Aher said that there are 15 hotels that used for the athletes, while for the official provided 14 hotels. so that there are 29 hotels. The facilities provided are ready to use by the athletes and officials.

    All the best services it provided no other because the Peparnas is a tribute to compatriots countrymen, which is of course the same creatures of God. Related to this, Peparnas provides space for disabled people to be able to also carve achievements, develop a spirit sportsmanship through sports competition, as athletes achievements in the event of the National Sports Week, or PON.

    "Peparnas inseparably with PON. The limitation is not a hindrance to achieve brilliant achievement. 'Be Champion in the Land of Legend, Exceed Limitations, Be Champion! "Said Aher.

    Present at the Gala Diner, West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa, Chairman of the PKK Netty Heryawan, Chairman of the Board Association of Women's Sports Indonesia (Perwosi) West Java Province R. Giselawati Wiranegara Mizwar, the head of the regional department and the Bureau of West Java province, ranks of MPCI center and West Java, Peparnas athletes.

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