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    Zipur 3 Military Command III SLW Balley Bridge Installed in Pangandaran


    PANGANDARAN-Commander III / Siliwangi Major General Muhammad Herindra accompanied by Aster Kasdam, Kazidam, Waasops and Kapendam III / SLW reviewing two bridges which broke up in the Kodim 0613 / Ciamis, Friday (14/10).

    At these locations Commander received an explanation from the Mayor Banjar H. Ade Uuk Sukaesih that in addition to making rupture lines between provinces, the ruin of the bridge was followed by breaking the path of PDAM so resulted in approximately 7000 Banjar residents must get their water from tank cars even then insufficient.

    Hearing this, Siliwangi military commander directly issued orders to Danrem to find solutions in cooperation with Local Government, Jasa Marga and the Department of Public Works, even the military commander also expressed if requires the deployment of additional troops to help the construction of the bridge he will be supported.

    After carrying out the review in Banjar Bridge, next Commander leading to the broken bridge of Pangandaran. Siliwangi Military Commander at this location met Pangandaran regents H. Jeje Wiradinata and Chairman of Parliament Pangandaran, Iwan, the Regents on the previous day had contacted the military commander by telephone to request assistance in order to install Balley bridge thanked to Zipur Yon 3 forces below the leadership of Danyon Zipur along the bridge balley has arrived at the location, in the morning that day Zipur forces immediately started mapping where exactly balley bridge could begin to be installed.

    On the occasion, the Commander also issue orders to Kazidam and Danyon Zipur 3
    "Immediately complete the installation of the bridge balley, do not let the pangandaran people too long waiting for the bridge is repaired, because if the bridge was not immediately installed the people will be burdened, as rise and scarcity of goods daily basic needs, because vehicles must be addressed through further and even then remain should meet the artificial traffic because of the narrowness of the road "he said.

    As for Zipur derived troops to carry out the installation of bridge balley a number of Company plus the Babinsa and other regional forces, while the bridge balley installed will later be able to accommodate the load or less by 25 TON.

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