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    The opening of Peparnas XV would Rousing


    BANDUNG-After leading flag-raising ceremony, Governor Ahmad Heryawan with the Peparnas Committee, reviewing and greet the performers in the stage for the Peparnas opening, in the field Siliwangi Stadium, Friday (14/10).

    There, Aher is motivating that after everything goes smoothly, the tip lance for a good first impression in the performers tomorrow (opening). "After the success of Opening and closing PON yesterday, you must succeed also in opening tomorrow, give the best to Indonesia, "said Aher fiery.

    The performers which are the majority filled by teenagers students of Vocational School 10 Bandung, responded with shouts excitedly, "reaaady"!

    Aher asked reporters to photograph him with all the performers. With the style of pointing the finger, Aher said West Java could number one again. All children pointing the finger, until Aher trapped between thumbs hand.

    The performers are also 240 children with disabilities who competed in Peparnas enliven the opening ceremony.

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