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    Siliwangi Military Commander Visits West Java Police Chief


    BANDUNG-Having previously visited the site and victims disaster in Garut, Siliwangi Military Commander Major General Herindra accompanied by assistants visit West Java Police and prosecutor's office.

    Major Herindra said that the purpose of the visit are, first to further strengthen the close ties of friendship between TNI with the police and prosecutors, the second is to keep maintain synergy and cooperation within the framework of law and enforcement which carried out in accordance with the functions and duties of each institution respectively.

    "Military Command III / Siliwangi will be backing up the full tasks of the police in maintaining security and West Java public order "he said.

    Commander also said, if there are TNI soldiers especially soldiers and civil servants in Military Command III / Siliwangi or their families who have violated the law as involved in drugs, theft, gambling, robbery like just happened. he and the institution will not protect them.

    "I will capture and process and if it is then it will have to be fired, I was fired "he said.

    The presence of Commander III / Siliwangi in West Java Police welcomed by West Java Police chief Insp Gen Bambang Waskito who was accompanied by the entire staff, even in the event West Java Police chief has a desire to make a collaboration between the activities of the Siliwangi Military Command with the West Java Police in form of arts mass.

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