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    Disaster Mitigation Must Be Priority


    BANDUNG-Up to the beginning of the third trimester of disasters in Indonesia never subsided even tends to increase.

    In fact, the budget of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) itself has corrected about 133 billion from the original budget, which amount in numbers ranging from 1.6 trillion rupiah in accordance with the policy of budget adjustments made by the government since the middle of last year.

    It thus disclosed by Ledia in a press release to the editor of jabarprov.go.id, Monday afternoon (10/10).

    Further Ledia, "with the decision of the Government budget cuts, National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) also experiencing the impact of cuts, but it certainly should not affect performance in tackling and anticipating disaster, especially in terms of disaster mitigation," said House of Representatives Commission VIII members Ledia Hanifa Amaliah.

    Why disaster mitigation is important, said Ledia, due to geographical and historical disaster of the Indonesian state is indeed in a disaster-prone position. So disaster preparedness is appropriately included in component development priorities.

    More MPs from FPKS also reminds that the first responsibility of mitigation and disaster management are in the hands of local governments, so that she reminds some areas that do not have a Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) in order to hasten form. Including Bandung -which her election area- until now unfortunately do not yet have Regional Disaster Management Agency.

    "National Agency for Disaster Management is more surrounding the anticipation and disaster management for national scale. For the local scale, it will be a responsibility of the first party related areas. If there is no Regional Disaster Management Agency it will hampered the coordination steps and liability in order to face catastrophic event. Various parties will run itself without a single command authority and sometimes it also complicate related to aid distribution either goods or funds. "she said

    Because of the anticipation and budget-related disaster management, Ledia ask various parties National Agency for Disaster Management, Regional Disaster Management Agency and regional government allocated special funds, which amount is sufficient to be ready when the time of disaster.

    "This disaster often comes unexpectedly and generally have a broad scope of the damage, so the disaster budget allocation should large enough and also always ready to use. Do not think, just this one, or later, used for the other thing first, yet also yesterday was secure. If it comes, a new dither. So I remind you, the fund must be big enough, ready to use, do not be tampered with. Now that's anticipatory. "

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