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    Bandung Youth Shows Cabaret


    BANDUNG-forms of harassment, intimidation or bullying, is still found in the open information age today, both seen in social media posts as well as in everyday life.

    Bullying to physical and mental among students or the next generation, it is feared cause mental deterioration Indonesian society when it takes a strong mentality and high confidence in the midst of global competition.

    Responding to it, a group of creative young people of Bandung in AfterWorkProject together with Bosmat Cabaret and Sanggar Ananda, in collaboration with abgienterprise and fully supported by Nan Hijab, initialed presenting cabaret performances.

    With the headline "There's Elephant in the Above the Sky", the musical comedy cabaret performances involving young vigorous, energetic, and creative in order to encourage and inspire young people.

    This staging will involve approximately 150 cast and crew coming from Bosmat Cabaret and Sanggar Ananda directed by Dimas Tri Aditiyo and Argin Hasta, two young children were also involved behind the scenes of parody group P-Project.

    Director of Cabaret "There Elephant in the Above the Sky" Argin Hasta says he wants to create a cabaret show which is entertaining and educational also still comfortable to watch by all circles.

    "Cabaret is not currently familiar in the community. Well in the inaugural staging, we want to show that the cabaret is a work that can be enjoyed by all walks of society, "he said.

    The love story who grows up to be the true love belong to adults conducted through a character named Langit and Jingga, ready to bring the audiences into the atmosphere of romantic fresh love and unique with the core of the story focuses on the issue of bullying.

    Meanwhile, abdalah Gifar Abisena as Creative Director says, hopes, successes cabaret which will be held August 15 through October 16, 2016 in West Java Cultural Park, will be a stimulus arousal cabaret art in the Flower City.

    Gifar added something unique and different, in staging cabaret "There Elephant in the Above the Sky", the ending of story could decide by the spectators, where there will be three different chapters according to the contents of life of Langit grow up.

    "Later during the peak, the audiences itself will determine the ending of the story would be taken anywhere. Until spectators who had carried away will be a different experience when watching this cabaret show, "he said.

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