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    Solidarity Party of Indonesia Focus to Fulfill Requirements Becoming Election Participation


    BANDUNG-Board Regional Board (DPW) Solidarity Party of Indonesia (PSI) in West Java continues to prepare in order to qualify for the verification of the General Election Commission (KPU) in order to follow the General Election (Election) after previously escaped the verification conducted by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (HAM).

    PSI DPW Chairman of West Java, Iwa Koswara states, he has now prepared a variety of requirements demanded to be furnished by the Election Commission in accordance with the terms to participate in the elections.

    "For now we do not want to talk about the target of legislative elections (pileg), PSI DPW West Java is still focus for the passage of his party in participating the election," he said.

    According Iwa, for the local elections in 2017 which will be conducted in three districts of West Java, it has not plans to support any candidate.

    "For the moment we will not participate, but we will monitor the implementation of the election, we want to learn how the implementation of the election," said Iwa, to jabarprov.go.id, when socializing at Anggrek Street No. 42 Bandung, Sunday (09/10) ,

    Iwa added, the requirements for verification of the Commission over the issue administratively, so that all the terms must be met by the entire board from the district level, cities and counties, to the province.

    "Suppose that the Commission took 1000 ID Cards each city / county or KTA members will we have prepared, we will also encompass at least 1,000 to 10,000 sympathizers in each DPD," he said.

    Iwa stated, for the implementation of the election this time it was up entirely their choice to all members and officials SPI.

    "We are fully devolved to members to choose who it wants in the elections," he said.

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