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    Employment Social Security Agency Adopt Sharoushi Japan Business Model


    BANDUNG-Japan carries Jimukumiai and Sharoushi business model in support of the acquisition and expansion of the coverage of Social Security since 1968. Until now, the level of social security of participants acquisitions in Japan reached 98%.

    Jimukumiai is an organization that has acquired the licensing and certification for participants and collecting Social Security contributions in Japan. Currently there are more than 10 thousand Jimukumiai throughout Japan.

    While Sharoushi is a professional expert or agent that becomes an extension of Jimukumiai in Japan to conduct the administrative process of acquisition of membership as well as providing mediation, advocacy, and information about the program and the benefits of Social Security and Labor.

    Director of Employment Social Security Agency (BPJSTK), Agus Susanto said BPJSTK is always trying to approach strategic partnerships with various stakeholders such as government and public institutions and even abroad to achieve social security participation of labor universally.

    "This also includes working with the community elements such as SKJS and KJS  business models adopted from the succesful Sharoushi and Jimukumiai in Japan," in a press release on Monday (10/10).

    Central Consulting Social Security (SKJS) and Social Security Consultants (KJS) as an extension of the highly relevant BPJSTK developed in Indonesia considering the condition of Indonesia which consists of islands with fairly broad distribution workers. SKJS and KJS scattered throughout Indonesia will be closer access of the workers on Labor Social Security program, especially workers not Receiver Wages (BPU), which reached 70.9 million workers out of a total potential aggregate of 122.3 million workers.

    "The approach taken SKJS and KJS will be more personalized and targeted at communities in all corners of Indonesia," said Agus.

    To realize these measures, together with BPJSTK also Ministry of Labor, Professional Certification Institute, Ministry of Finance, National Social Security Council (DJSN) and the National Development Planning Agency to prepare the necessary capacity of SKJS and KJS.

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