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    Guests Stay at Hotel in West Java Descending


    BANDUNG-room occupancy rate (TPK) Hotel in West Java in August 2016 reached 44.40 percent experienced a decrease of 2.01 points compared to the room occupancy rate (TPK) in July 2016, which reached 46.41 percent. either room occupancy rate (TPK) star hotels and non-star hotel decreased.

    "room occupancy rate-star hotel in August 2016 reached 49.99 percent. room occupancy rate highest recorded by class hotel on 5 star hotels amounted to 57.64 percent, while the lowest occurred in room occupancy rate 1 star hotel with room occupancy rate amounting to 23.38 per cent, "said Bachd Ruswana, Head of West Java BPS.

    room occupancy rate non-star hotels, in August 2016 amounted to 34.47 percent, down 0.14 points compared to July 2016 when it stood at 34.61 per cent. room occupancy rate highest in the group with 10-24 rooms by 42.64 per cent, while non-star hotel room occupancy rate a low of 28.15 per cent occurred in the hotel room with a group of less than 10,

    The average stay of the hotel for 1.61 days in August 2016 and in the non-star hotel for 1.16 days. Foreign guests staying at the hotel for an average of 3.64 days and in non-star hotel for 1.86 days, while guests from Indonesia stayed an average of 1.45 days for the hotel and 1.14 days in the non-star hotels ,

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