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    Governor Submits Decree of Dismissal Regent Ojang


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) submit a Decree (SK) Minister of Internal Affairs on Temporary Termination The Regent of Subang, Ojang Sohandi. SK numbered 132.32-9504 signed by Minister of Internal Affairs since October 3, 2016, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (10.12.16).

    The decree was in response to the enactment of the Regent Subang being accused in corruption since his case filed by Attorney Prosecutors of the Corruption Eradication Commission of Indonesia to the District Court Corruption Bandung.

    "I on behalf of the Minister of Internal Affairs handed a decree to Mrs. Imas (Vice Regent of Subang) witnessed the leadership ranks of the district of Subang, hereinafter vice regent can carry out the duties and authority Regent of Subang, "said Aher.

    Subang Regent Ojang Sohandi served since December 2013 temporary dismissed, then the remaining term until 2018 continue by vice regent until Ojang's legal process is complete and has the force of permanent law.

    "If the defendant is found guilty in the courts then this will consequential remains incapacitated, the vice-regent will be proposed definitive became regent, but on the contrary if it is not proven, all rights and the authority of the Regent Ojang will be back, "said Aher.

    The governor hoped after the submission of decree the vacuum of leadership in Subang soon be ended, then the vice regents have authority full as regent to spur development programs that had disturbed.

    "After the publication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs decree, I wish the Vice Regent of Subang and ranks of Regional House of Representatives Subang Regency maintain unity in the implementation of tasks governance and community development, while still maintaining harmonious and conducive relationships, "said Aher.

    The issues involved in the Subang Regent, Aher appealed various parties in the scope of the West Java Provincial Government to continue be careful. And of course did not intentionally commit irregularities law, including not to be ensnared Capture Operation Hand (OTT).

    "God willing, hopefully in the provincial government no longer things happen similar, which obviously we want everything good, nothing intentionally want to do bad, "he said.

    Aher also mentions a number of approaches that can be done in order instill good character of anti-corruption to the whole apparatus as well society in general. As moral approach, good supervision, establish a difficult system to manipulate (IT-based), as well as attention corresponding apparatus welfare according to budget capacity.

    "If these efforts are already done as much as possible, but still offense, meaning it is indeed bad intention, if it is clear need legal action, "he said.

    Imas Aryumningsih appointed to carry out the task of the regent's authority said she would seek to complete the remainder of her term with work optimally, "I will carry out the task and and work optimally, just pray for me "said Imas.

    Present at the moment of decree delivery, the Assistant Secretariat of Justice and Human Rights of West Java Achdiat Surpratman, Head of Secretariat of the General Government of West Java Abas Basari, Secretary of Subang Abdurakhman,Chairman of Subang Parliament Beni Rudiono, Kejari Subang Chandra Yahya Welo, The Chief police and the commander military of Subang.

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