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    Aher Wants to Practice 'Dinul Hadoroh' in West Java


    GARUT-West Java province, a large province with an area of 35222.18 km2 and a population of 46.7 million inhabitants. In other words, 19.2% population of Indonesia in West Java.

    With this background, the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) wants to practice 'Dinul Hadoroh' Islam or religion which is building culture and civilization in West Java.

    "So if Islam as 'Dinul Hadoroh' practiced in West Java, it represented 1/5 of Indonesia. As a large province, hopefully it could determine the face to Islamization in our archipelago," Aher said in his speech during the opening of Regional Conference (Konferwil) PWNU West Java XVII , at Fauzan boarding school Sukaresmi District of Garut, Tuesday (11/10).

    Aher hopes with the presence of Muslims as people who realize 'Dinul Hadoroh',West Java as part of Indonesia with the largest Muslim would bring progress for the sake of progress.

    "Because, it turns out that progress comes from the mind of those present from the true faith. Hopefully the creed of the West Java people are 99.9% true, 'Ahlu's-Sunnah wa'l-Jama'ah,' the true creed will make progress that we hoped together, "said Aher.

    Related to Regional Conference (Konferwil) are implemented, Aher said Konferwil not only implemented to refresh the new management. But more than that, Konferwil is expected to bring out a great mind, which is reflected in a large program, which can bring Dinul Hadoroh earlier.

    "Islam is a religion of progress, Islamic religious worldview intact, fiddunya hasanah, successful world and hereafter," he said.

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