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    Minimum Service Standart Still Complained, Toll Rates Requested Not Raise


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission V Yudi Widiana asked the government to not in hurry to raise toll rates. That's because the toll road users still complain about toll minimum service standards (SPM), as a matter of congestion and long lines at the toll booth. This was disclosed Yudi in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (11/10).

    "We recommend that the government to not in hurry to raise toll rates which only refers to the increase in inflation. We are still receiving many complaints from the public about the congestion on toll roads. This should look for a solution first, then the tariff is increased, thus providing a sense of justice to the consumer "he said.

    Based on Law No. 38 of 2004 on the road, namely Article 48 paragraph (3) the increase in toll rates can indeed be done every two years. However, the government should not ignore consumer complaints.

    "The inflation problems can not be a major benchmarks, because the law also requires an evaluation every two years before adjusting tariffs. Evaluation refers to whether or not the toll minimum service standards. This queue at toll booths are still long, travel speed is below 60 km / h, anyway tariff is increased, "he added.

    Yudi, in his statement also criticized the minimum service standards evaluation results by the government. It was due to the fact that many people still complain of congestion at toll booths and the travel speed is below 60 km / h.

    "The evaluation report minimum service standards fulfill the criteria, but the fact still often jammed. Long queues at toll gates has become commonplace in the toll service. Cikampek toll as well. Take a look in the morning, long lines are not only in the segment out of Jakarta, but also traffic jam on the road leading to Jakarta. According to our assessment, this has not met the minimum standards, "he said.

    As reported earlier, four toll roads will likely increase rates in the period from October to December 2016. The four toll roads are Jalan Prof. Dr. Ir. Sedyatmo (Toll Soekarno-Hatta), Jakarta-Cikampek, section I Kertosono-Mojokerto and Surabaya-Gresik.

    Toll rates Sedyatmo officially raised on October 6, 2016 after a decree numbered 783 / KPTS / M / 2016 signed by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimoeljono. The new rates will be effective from October 13, 2016. This tariff adjustment, Yudi said the magnitude-based inflation in Jakarta at 9.79 percent.

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