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    The Elections in 2017, The People Keep Inter-Religious Harmony


    BANDUNG-Member House of Representatives Commission VIII Yudi Kotouky hopes the Indonesian people still maintain inter-religious harmony, especially in welcoming the elections in 2017 that took place simultaneously in February 2017. This was disclosed by Yudi in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (11/10).

    With regard to these expectations, said Yudi people not to be provoked if there are rogue elements who seek to break the unity and integrity, especially in a way that was not polite and civilized.

    "Commission VIII of the House of Representatives, will continue to disseminate to the public the importance of maintaining democratic principles in welcoming the elections in 2017. There should be no provocation of racial issues. It violates the values of Pancasila, NKRI harmony, principles of Unity's all, and the spirit of the 1945 Constitution, "he said.

    It is known, according to data from the Election Supervisory Body, there are 101 areas (7 provinces and 94 regencies / cities) which will hold the next election in February. Of the 101 regions, three provinces have high Election Insecurity Index (IKP) those are West Papua, Aceh and Banten. Meanwhile, West Sulawesi, Jakarta, Bangka Belitung and Gorontalo included in the Medium category. As for the dimensions measured from the IKP is organizing, contestation and participation.

    "We can see, today many success team (timses) or sympathizers who use social media to drop even slander the opponent candidate. Moreover, already touched on ethnicity and religion. It's not healthy. The candidates (pasangan calon) and their success team (timses) must refrain. The fight should be at the policy level, not the primordial matter, "he said.

    Therefore, said Yudi, Commission VIII of the House of Representatives will continue to partner with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Police, and the Ministry of Home Affairs to keep conduciveness in the organization of elections in 2017.

    "Things that can be anticipated at an early stage, should be expedited. People should also be wise to use social media "he concluded.

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