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    West Java provincial government Helps Rp 6.5 Billion For Garut Disaster


    GARUT-West Java Provincial Government provides Financial Assistance for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, after the flood disasters in Garut Rp 6.5 billion to the Government of Garut.

    Help symbolically handed over by the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) to Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan, housed in Garut Regency Hall, Tuesday morning (11/10).

    "We want quickly responses, this is a provincial aid for rehabilitation and reconstruction, hopefully run fast," said Aher after the handover.

    Quick response is required much less number of public facilities damaged, including Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Garut which is pretty disturbing vital service to the community.

    While the figures for the Rp 6.5 billion according to the filing of the Garut Regent, which are distributed in supplying medications to Rp 76 million, education infrastructure Rp 1.1 billion , provision of infrastructure and medical hospital equipment Rp 1.8 billion, facility repair and settlement infrastructures Rp 1.4 billion and so on.

    On the other hand, continued Aher, a disaster fund in 2016 in West Java provincial government treasury also still inadequate, amounting to Rp 95 billion.

    "In addition to provide an assistance, the provincial government also invited PMI to collaborate in order to blood availability. We also urge the private sector, especially the West Java provincial government enterprises, helping the disaster through CSR fund," said Aher.

    Related to the relocation of refugees, Aher said, after coordinating with various parties, it is currently in the process of inventory, namely the determination of the location and determination of beneficiaries, both of which are defined through Regent Special Decree.

    Once set, it will be recommended to the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) by the Governor of West Java. Therefore, the relocation fund sharing scheme carried out through central government grants (BNPB), West Java province, and Garut regency.

    "We are grateful to all the parties, whether military, police, civil servants, volunteers, Tagana, and all parties were quick respond to help flood victims in Garut," he continued.

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