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    New Siliwangi Military Commander Invited To Succeed Citarum Bestari


    BANDUNG-Major General Muhammad Herindra currently serves as Commander of the Military Commander (Pangdam) III Siliwangi replace Major General Hadi Prasojo commencing on October 7, 2016. Hadi Prasojo who has served Commander III Siliwangi for one year more will occupy a new position as Inspector General of the Army (Irjenad) at the Army Headquarters.

    In a separation welcomes event of Commander III Siliwangi in Graha Manggala Siliwangi Bandung on Monday (10.10.16), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) advised the new Commander III Siliwangi to forward a program that is running previously, especially the West Java provincial government program namely Citarum Bestari.

    "What we achieved together a various compactness and excellent cooperation and of course the Citarum Bestari become the ideals of our great together," said Aher.

    Aher explained, the Citarum Bestari has expanded the scope of cooperation between the West Java provincial government and Siliwangi Military Command III originally, now coupled with the West Java Police, Attorney, BBWS, forestry and other agencies involved to work together to bring the clean Citarum river.

    "This is to clarify and very useful for the new military commander," he said.

    Aher hopes Siliwangi Military Command III becoming the best unity of the army in Indonesia. Siliwangi Military Command III along with the ranks below and West Java community should unite to deal with various issues and problems to be faced.

    "West Java is ours, let us build to bring the common good in the form of well-being and sense of security for our society," the message of Aher.

    Major General M. Herindra revealed, was inducted into the Commander III Siliwangi is an honor. Siliwangi according to him is a unity of the best in Indonesia.

    "Siliwangi is a great unity and had no doubt of its glory in both the independence and the future is now," he said.

    The former commander of Kopassus said, believed to hold the commando's stick is an honor and will be implemented as well as possible.

    "I am determined to continue what has been carved by the elders Siliwangi," said Herindra.

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