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    Peparnas Opening Ceremony Presents Show Differently with PON


    BANDUNG-Opening Ceremony (Opening Ceremony) National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XV / 2016 will be held on October 15, 2016 at Siliwangi Stadium, Bandung. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar as Vice Chairman of PON Peparnas XIX and XV Committee / 2016 West Java, said he would bring the arts and culture that is different from what is in the Opening and Closing Ceremony National Sport Week.

    Expressed by him during the sidelines of socialization National Paralympic Week XV / 2016 West Java, which was held in the area of Car Free Day (CFD) Cikapayang Dago, Bandung, on Sunday morning (09.10.16). "So there is something to be shown not similar with the opening National Sport Week. So if you want to know come later," said Deddy.

    PON and Peparnas are unique, Deddy reveals Peparnas will display its own peculiarities, such as technology show that has never existed in West Java. In addition, the opening event will be present the appearance of the musicians and artists with disabilities.

    "I think the excitement will be the same. Because perform its different. There will be peculiarities in Peparnas," said Deddy.

    Peparnas XV will take place from 15 to 24 October 2016. The plan is the Indonesia Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture (Coordinating PMK) Puan Maharani will open directly on persons with disabilities party's national sport.

    West Java contingent led by the West Java Police Chief Inspector General. Pol. Bambang Waskito amounted to 350 people, consisting of 250 athletes, 50 coaches and 50 officials.

    West Java contingent was aiming to become Champion or "Jabar Kahiji" in Peparnas XV / 2016 with a minimum won 131 of 620 medals and numbers games. There are 13 sports contested in Peparnas this time, namely Athletics, Weightlifting, Sitting Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Goal Ball, Judo, Swimming, Archery, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis Field Wheelchairs, and Bowling.

    "I am proud with the team West Java Peparnas. I believe that you are all champions," said Governor Ahmad Heryawan who participated in this socialization.

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