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    Vice Governor Open Ciletuh Festival in Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI-Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar officially opened the Ciletuh Festival on Saturday (14/11) at Palangpang Cimarinjung Beach, Ciwiru village, Ciemas district, Sukabumi. The opening was signed by ringing the art tools of angklung by Vice Governor who accompanied Acting Regent of Sukabumi, and West Java Kadisparbud Nunung Sobari.

    Vice Governor of West Java in his opening speech expressed his confidence that Ciletuh Geopark area in 2016 will be the National Geopark as well as a tourist destination at the National Level.

    Therefore, vice governor requesting community participation in Ciletuh Region to preserve their objects, such as Puncak Darma area, Cimarinjung waterfall, Panenjoan region and other regions. "We are not always exist here (at Geopark Ciletuh), but all of you who are living here should to keep and preserve it,” asked Deddy Mizwar.

    "The provincial, local and central government merely facilitates development in Ciletuh areas, but the community who live here have to care and keep it.

    The roads problem head to these area is damaged, Vice Governor promised in 2016, will be improved and including the road to the Puncak Darma area.

    Vice Governor watched the several arts and cultural by communities in eight rural in Ciemas district. The arts and culture was showed are Buncis art, Gondang tutunggulan art, Kuda Lumping, Jaipongan, following the procession of "jampana". The arts and culture, becoming one of the natural richness of Ciletuh Geopark area.

    Deddy Mizwar expects that this art and culture would be developed and maintained.


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