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    Dozens of Creative Industries Attends Ambisiku Festival


    BANDUNG-A total of 50 creative industries from various cities in Indonesia attended the Roadshow Festival "Ambisiku", that was an ambitions actualization stage of young people that took place starting on Friday (07/10) to Sunday (09/10) at parking lot Bandung Trans Studio Mall.

    Bandung is the third city after a similar event was also held in Yogyakarta and Makassar, where the three cities have a different character, so Tri Indonesia through #Ambisiku festival tries to gather the diversity of creative ideas from these three important cities.

    President Director Tri, Randeep Singh Sekhon said that Bandung was chosen to be a main point of the festival #Ambisiku because Bandung is world creative city whose existence is recognized by UNESCO.

    "Not a few young entrepreneurs who came from Bandung, even from the city has been born of the trend setter of fashion creative  industry, culinary, fine arts, and the birth of local brands work of the nation worldwide," he said.

    According to Randeep, with #Ambisiku festival, he wants to embrace and motivate more the creative young people in Bandung with providing a series of inspiring activities.

    "The movement changes of this festival we have realized in digital-based activities and reach 10 million millennial generation which is the target of change," he said. (Parno)

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