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    West Java Education Department Appreciate The Requirement of Scholarship Padjadjaran University


    BANDUNG-Education department (Disdik) of West Java Province appreciate requirement scholarship program that has been set by Padjadjaran University. It is a good initiative and has been through a number of internal campus deliberations.

    The head of West Java education department province Asep Hilman explained that the scholarship program requirements recently announced by the Padjadjaran University (Unpad) is a scholarship program of West Java Provincial Government.

    "Padjadjaran University is one of the campuses that work together in the scholarship program with West Java provincial government,"he said.

    Asep convey, beyond the specified requirements which has determined by Padjadjaran University, other campuses have been working closely with the Education Department can do. That's mean, each universities can determine the criteria. So, he just adds general conditions for the public known.

    Two terms, he said, must be fulfilled in general to get a scholarship program. Academic and non-academic. Academic relates to measurable values from aspects of education. While non-academic relates to another achievement. For example, the development of character, mental coaching, exercise, communication, science, art, technology, and culture.

    "So for non-academic terms, our kids can select which achievements to fulfill the requirement," he said.

    Head of West Java Education Department said October is a time for Education Department conveying more details about the scholarship program including the requirements. Following the achievement and realization of the program during this time. For colleges that have preceded issuing terms like Unpad, still appreciated. That's is not a problem." We will convey all the details. This month is our target. Soon," he said.

    He hoped that the scholarship program of the provincial government could increasingly optimal. Kids in college with different economic backgrounds and social, should be able to take the advantage." Let's take the advantage of the program from the West Java Governor Mr. Ahmad Heryawan. For the advancement of education in West Java," he explained.

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