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    Iwa Checks Grass Condition Directly at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api


    BANDUNG-West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa eventually fell to monitor the recovery process GBLA Bandung stadium grass that had drawn criticism because it is considered broken during PON 2016.

    Iwa came to GBLA accompanied by his staff, Thursday (6/10) at 14.30. Accepted by GBLA grass team, Chief Executive of PON Committee is directly off his shoes and barefoot checking the condition of the grass.

    While listening to the grass team, he also did not hesitate to help putting cleared grass into sacks.

    "We work directly as a form of accountability," he said.

    He also tried lawnmower being used to cut mostly yellowed grass. Iwa also check the condition of the grass that is already visible green blooms.

    "Thank God there was no total damage," he said.

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