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    Bandung City Government Presents The New Organizational Structure and Governance


    BANDUNG-Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil justify in the discussion of the organization there will be a way to build new the organizational structure and governance (SOTK) or approximately there will be 3-4 new SOTK.

    "The new organizational structure are creative economy field, the field of culture and such as in Korea there are special institutions taking care of the design to make the design more unique, creative and qualified," he said.

    According to the Mayor, to the new organizational structure and governance certainly there will be the appointment of a new head office, where the candidate of head office to be appointed.

    "Although we live designate, still we do the selection and will begin around 2017," said the mayor told reporters at City Hall Bandung.

    He claims, in addition to design services, in the future there will be poverty alleviation and other agencies and for public relations and protocol will be shifted directly under the Secretary.

    "Later, communications and information office only dealt with Smart City, where all the data were centered. Then there is a public private partnership (PPP) center named investment services and one-stop service, "he said.

    According to the Mayor, the addition of a new organizational structure felt pretty effective and efficient, so some departments rated not wasted such as landscaping services coming into the field.

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