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    Bulog Builds Distribution Center


    BANDUNG-selling price of the products can be cheaper if arranged its distribution system. Bulog has one role for the distribution.

    "The length of chain in distribution makes high logistics costs. In effect, the sale price was expensive. We are eager to cut the length of the chain," said Head of Bulog West Java Regional Division (Division), Alip Affandi.

    One of its efforts, said Alip, by building a Distribution Center (DC) in every district and town in West Java.

    "The goal are to expedite and facilitate the distribution of basic commodities to the public. In addition, it also can be as a tool to stabilize the price," said Alip.

    In fact, he will establish cooperation with other parties, in terms of distribution and logistics systems so that the distribution can reach untouched difficult areas,

    "We want to embrace PT Pos Indonesia," he concluded.

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