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    The National Alms Agency (BAZNAS) is Expected Able to Coordinate All Alms Foundations.


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VIII Iskan Qolba Lubis hope BAZNAS as an institution can coordinate all alms foundations in Indonesia in order to create synergy in the improvement welfare of the people.
    "BAZNAS as a non-structural institution must be a coordinator for other amil zakat foundations in order to make a contribution to the state in the field of the development of public welfare and poverty reduction through zakat fund management, "Iskan said in a release received jabarprov.go.id on Thursday (6/10).

    Iskan, in his statement reveals BAZNAS role as coordinator was important because this agency established by Presidential Decree No. 8 Year 2001 get help financing from the state budget so the benefits received by state and nation should be much larger.

    "BAZNAS act as providers of social security assistance for needy in our homeland. The presence of this institution shoring the state's duty in order to give society's welfare, so naturally able to coordinate with the entire alms foundations "he said.

    Without coordination between amil zakat foundations, it will lead to not absorb all the potential zakat in Indonesia. This was proven with there is still not maximum payment of zakat because it was spread in many places.

    "In fact, the potential zakat in Indonesia is very large, even the biggest in Asia, based on BAZNAS data itself has reached Rp 217 trillion per year. This the tremendous potential if it is managed well, "he said.

    To be able to coordinate all amil zakat foundation and able to absorb all zakat potential in Indonesia, BAZNAS also need to improve accountability and professionalism. According to Iskan, the institute also needs to do innovation and renewal in managing zakat, thus gaining confidence of the public.

    "The people's habit so far, it is more believe to submit Zakat, Infaq and Donate directly to those in need, so the institution which has received permission from the government would have received less attention, "concludes Iskan.

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