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    Motor Credit Business Potential in West Java is Still Growing


    BANDUNG-PT Federal International Finance, or FIFGROUP Bandung branch targets to increase the share of sales of motor vehicles through a credit system in West Java increased 5 to 10 percent this year.

    "our share with other financing currently reaches 30-34%, last year our share of 20-30%. So there is an increase," said Head of FIFGROUP Region 1 West Java in Bandung, Elvri Vincent.

    To increase the selling, FIFGROUP inaugurated its new office in Soekarno Hatta street Bandung, Thursday (6/10). The new office is more widely besides it offer more convenience for consumers in terms of the facilities provided.

    Director FIFGROUP, Sutjahja Nugroho and officials and also community leaders from Bandung and its surroundings were attended the event.

    "We are aware, the growth FIFGROUP in Bandung just because the support of the whole society, government, business partners, journalists and colleagues from NGOs," said Nugroho.

    On that occasion, FIFGROUP also gives assistance in the form of environmental hygiene and medical supplies for local residents in the form of wheelie bins and cleaning equipment.

    In addition, FIFGROUP also provides assistance package of tools for SMKN 9 school and SMK 13 Bandung. Not only that, Sutjahja Nugroho also gave assistance in terms of economic empowerment to RW 06 Kelurahan Jatisari. This is done by FIFGROUP as a commitment to contribute the environment positively.

    "Where there is a FIFGROUP, there is also benefit for the community." Said Nugroho.

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