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    STIKES Jend. A Yani graduated 747 graduates


    BANDUNG-Located at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, SABUGA, Thursday (6/10), The College of Health Sciences STIKES Jend. A Yani graduated 747 graduates.

    Rector STIKES Jend. A Yani Dedi S Djamhuri, the 14th graduates were consist of various study programs both bachelor and post-graduate degrees.

    "They are from various study programs of bachelor degree and post-graduate degree, midwifery, nursing and public health" he said.

    Dedi also said, the graduates of STIKES Jend. A Yani are also provided with applied science in their respective fields as well as certified.

    "To face the competition of MEA, certainly not enough just having a graduate certificate, but also has a more specific vocasional expertise" he said.

    14th Graduation STIKES Jend. A Yani besides attended by the Senate, also attended by the board of Kartika Chandra Foundation and Army officials.

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