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    Bank Indonesia Repeals Old Money Which is Not Worth Circulated


    BANDUNG-Bank Indonesia Representative Office (KPwBI) through Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 8/27 / PBI / 2006 repeals certain rupiah fractional number which is not considered for circulation again.

    Some fractions were withdrawn from circulation, the banknote of Rp 5,000 years of emissions (TE) in 1992, Rp 1,000 TE 1992, Rp 500 TE 1992 and Rp 100 TE 1992.

    Besides paper, any existing coins withdrawn from circulation such as Rp 100 TE 1991, Rp 50 TE 1991 and Rp 5 TE 1979 coins. So, it appealed to the public that they have the shards to immediately exchange to Bank Indonesia representative offices in their respective areas.

    "For those people who still have bills with such emissions, the exchange can still be done in Bank Indonesia until 29 November 2016," said Deputy Director of Payment Systems Bank Indonesia Representative Office Mikael Budisatrio .

    Related to the redemption limit which is withdrawn from circulation, he explained that people can make the switch to Bank Indonesia. Based on Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 8/27 / PBI / 2006, the first phase of the public can redeem on 30 November 2006-29 November 2011. The exchange can be done in Bank Indonesia as well as commercial banks.

    In the second stage, the public can exchange money that is not sold anymore until the deadline 29 November 2016.

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