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    325 West Java Athletes Represent Indonesia in The Assosciation for International Sport for All 2016


    BANDUNG-A total of 325 athletes from West Java will represent Indonesia in the 6th The Association for International Sport for All (Tafisa) World Sport for All Games 2016 in Jakarta, 6 to 12 October 2016. Tafisa is a competition of recreational sports community to bring into traditional sports, adventure, challenge, health, and fitness.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) had a chance to have a meeting with the West Java contingent, who will participate in an international sporting event was attended by more 110 this country. According to Aher, this event is a way to promote and preserve traditional sport or game, especially the traditional games of every region in Indonesia where its conditions are almost extinct.

    "The important thing is the sports that can mobilize the community in order to move, Fixed orientation for health, "said Aher.

    Why Exercise is important today? because our bodies are already spoiled by today's technology. Then our bodies need movement to bring our normal metabolism, that's sports, "said Aher after meeting with Indonesian Community Recreation Sports Federation (Formi) of West Java province in Manglayang Meeting Room Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No.22, Bandung on Wednesday (10.05.16).

    "Yes through this FORMI we expect to cultivate and develop recreational sport. one of the duty of FORMI is to cultivate, develop Recreational Sports. Just Like "Benjang" if it is not cultivated, it is going to die, "said Aher.

    Tafisa will officially open by President Joko Widodo on October 8 2016. The Chairman FORMI of the West Java Sahlan Idris said that the West Java contingent is ready to participate in the event. "Hopefully everything goes smoothly. We ask your blessing that West Java team may not lose as well as PON, "said Sahlan in the meeting.

    More, Sahlan also explain, West Java athletes will compete in 14 Activities. Among them, TSG International Festival, the traditional Sports (Engrang, Hadang, Gadongan), Liong and Barongsay, BMX, Cheerleader, Air Soft Gun, Sajojo And Jumba, Taiji Cigong, Porpi Gymnastics, Tera Gymnastics, Line Dance, Aerobics Marathon, Benjang, and Poco-poco archipelago.

    In addition, West Java contingent also will hold various stands exhibition, such as booths exhibition for craft or handicraft and typical cuisine of West Java, concluded Sahlan.

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