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    Commission V of the House of Representatives Encourage Revised Traffic Law


    BANDUNG-Commission V of the House of Representatives proposed that the Act No. 22 of 2009 concerning Traffic can be revised to solve online transportation problems. It was revealed by Vice Chairman the House of Representatives Commission V Yudi Widiana, in the release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (5/10).

    "Although the law was postponed until six months, said Yudi but in the long term the House of Representatives Commission V encouraege the Traffic Act can be revised to accommodate the input of many parties, especially the online tranportation drivers and the people which are enthusiastic to use it, "he said.

    The conditions of developed digital transportation should be more adaptive to the existing rules. In addition, the law situation also has been past for five years and thus it requires a new approach in observing the online transportation which should be set in a policy.

    "Commission V of the House of Representatives, was not solely see this issue from the business perspective but we see, with the existence of online transportation, there is an opportunity to solve the community economic problem. It provides an alternative to have a job, and it has to give a space and regulated by legislation "he said.

    To that end, the government issued a short-term basis Permenhub Number 32 2016 in order to dampen volatility rejection that occurs in the community as legal protection for online transportation. This rule set the online taxi drivers to have a driver's license Works, the car should be tested by KIR, Vehicle registration must have a legal entity, registered as a rental-based transport applications, and rates determined by the Ministry of Transportation.

    "Therefore, the House of Representatives Commission V assesses the middle way related to this polemic by forming a legal entity in the form of cooperatives, in order to keep the vehicle registration by personal names and keep the black plate. On the other hand, we also asked the Ministry of Transportation to coordinate with Kemenkop SMEs to evaluate the cooperative in order to fit with the Cooperative Act, particularly relating to the voting rights of cooperative members, "he added.

    Thus, said Yudi with this Permenhub, transportation rates online can be set by the government so flucktuation in rate is not harming consumers and drivers as it can be raised at any time (excessive margin) or rates war as low (predatory pricing).

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