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    Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Prioritize The Outer Island Development and Soldiers Welfare


    BANDUNG-Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) on October 5, 2016 have been 71-year-old. Through this year anniversary, the Army Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo asserted that the military will continue to be committed to progress and develop together with professional attitude to sovereignty Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    This is consistent with the theme of the anniversary (HUT) TNI 71, "Joint People TNI Strong, Superb, Professional Ready to Realize Indonesia Sovereign, Independent, and personality. "This theme has the essence of that authenticity TNI must not fade in the era of globalization.

    "The meaning contained in these themes is growing and developing military as well as struggling with the people. This is the essence of authenticity characteristic  belong to TNI which must not fade in the midst of globalization that continues to move in dynamic, "said Gatot Nurmantyo in a message which was read by Sesko TNI Commander Lt. General. Agus Sutomo at TNI's 71th anniversary memorial ceremony, Military Command III / Siliwangi Field, Jl. Aceh Bandung, on Wednesday morning (05.10.16).

    Gatot continued that the military is also committed to continue the development in the various sides. Things he stressed that the military will continue to modernize Top Tools and Weapons Systems / Weapons (Alutsista) and escort regional development or the outer islands of Indonesia.

    "The construction of military force remains focused on the modernization of defense equipment, organizational development, building infrastructure, especially in the strategic island in accordance with the dynamics of strategic development and the availability of budget, "said Gatot.

    "The development of the certain strategic outer islands is one form of development policy guiding military force to support the implementation of the main tasks and its role as a defensive tool country, "he continued.

    Islands and outermost regions which develop and will be developed are including Natuna Island, Selaru Island, Morotai Island, Biak Island, Merauke, and some other outer islands.

    In addition, the military through government support will continue to increase the soldiers welfare. This is done in the field of housing, such as the construction of flats and non-residential services through simple and healthy housing credit program. In addition, since October 2015 the Government has raised the performance benefits of remuneration which is expected to help meet the needs of life of soldiers and their family.

    Meanwhile, according to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) who present at the ceremony said that the military had a major task to maintain sovereignty Homeland. "And to this day with the people, the military has managed to keep the country's sovereignty, "said Aher after the ceremony.

    Aher also added the sovereignty of the country should be showing by the development of the outermost Indonesia regions. Therefore, he was very supports the efforts of the military as a platform to show the world the power and sovereignty of our country.

    "At TNI's anniversary this year our President will inaugurate airport, and commemorate the TNI anniversary in Natuna. We are as a country will show sovereignty in Natuna, the outermost regions, the most remote areas in the region Indonesia that is why the celebration TNI Day precisely will be held there to show that TNI was successful to maintain the country's sovereignty, "he concluded.

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