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    New Organizational Structure and Governance (SOTK) Ratified in Beginning of January 2017


    BANDUNG-Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa ensure organizational structure and governance (SOTK) does not interfere with the new formulation of the budget 2017.

    Iwa said that budget discussion in 2017 is still continuing normal despite a number of offices merge nex year, split or trimmed. "There is an adjustment, but the duties in 2017 is still the same, later adjusted to the new organizational structure and nomenclature," he said in Bandung, Tuesday (4/10).

    According to the crucial issues related to the process of financial administration already anticipated by his party. For the former SOTK, agency still must complete financial statements until December 31, 2016.

    "While the new organizational structure and governance instantly adjusting begin January 2, 2017. The time limit will make the normal budgeting. Later on, OPD report to us then to be placed according to the new organizational structure and governance," he said.

    His party ensure that Organizational structure and governance will to take effect after regional organizations (OPD) will be inaugurated by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan on 2 January 2017.

    "The new Agency fully existing since it is inaugurated by the governor later. The implementation of budget 2017 led by new officials of the regional organizations (OPD)," he said.

    In the new organizational structure and governance, there will be 3 expert staff, the inspectorate, 30 offices, five bodies. Later, there will be the addition of 35 UPTD / new UPTD of 127 that already exist today.

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