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    Presidential Decree of Bandung Basin Manage the Integrated Transportation


    BANDUNG-West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said that his parties has agreed the work plan and time limit of the draft Presidential Decree (Raperpres) discussion about Bandung basin.

    "It is expected that the final draft of Raperpres finished on 30 November," he said recently.

    The Raperpres can be a major command to synergies and maximise the regional development program in Bandung Raya area.

    Perpres publishing plan is already quite old but was hampered due to lack of a common perception among each district/city governments.

    "In addition to the waste problem, Raperpres it will regulate the system of regional transportation, and railways master plan," he said.

    There will be several other national strategic projects in Bandung Raya area to be synergy and manage by clear rules.


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