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    Blood Donor Accelerates Blood Cells Substitution


    BANDUNG-Functional Medical Staff, Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung, Nadjwa Zamalek Dalimoenthe said blood donation is very helpful for a person's body health.

    According Nadjwa, despite it longstanding, the existing blood in our bodies naturally will be changed by means the old blood cells are destroyed by the spleen and discarded.

    "If the replacement of blood to the spleen as it will be long, but if it is done by the blood donor transition will be rapid, so it will be a lot of new blood," he said.

    Nadjwa also said that whether or not someone doing routine blood donation will not affect to his/her health.

    "If does not perform routine blood donor actually does nothing happen, I've looked at anyone, if someone does not become donors he/she become dizzy and there is no change in his/her blood, it is more due to suggestion," he said.

    In fact, According Nadjwa, to perform regular blood donor ideally should be once in 3 months that the cycle of blood cell formation is 120 days.

    "Why we have to do blood donation one in 3 months, because there are still the old blood cells exist so not only the new cells but also the old blood cells are mixed," she said

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