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    West Java is Targeting 131 Gold Medal in Peparnas XV / 2016



    BANDUNG-West Java province launched "Jabar Kahiji" or Champion West Java in the National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XV / 2016 West Java, 15 to 24 October 2016. Peparnas is a sports competition national level especially for athletes with disabilities.

    Success as a Champion in the PON XIX / 2016, West Java was targeting became Champion in Peparnas this year to reach a minimum of 131 medals gold from 620 gold medals and numbers games.

    "The target 131 gold medals and if that is achieved then" Jabar Kahiji "for Peparnas. God willing, I'm sure! "Said the West Java Governor / Chairman Peparnas Committee PON XIX and Peparnas XV / 2016 West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) when met after Peparnas preparatory meeting at the Secretariat Committee of PON XIX Peparnas XV / 2016 West Java, Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, on Tuesday afternoon (4/10/16).

    "The ability of our athletes with disabilities (West Java) are nice, like in those National or international Paralympic events which is already happening, West Java always represented by the number of athletes at most, "he continued.

    Peparnas 2016 contesting 13 sports (sports) such as Weightlifting, Athletics, Badminton, Bowling, Chess, Goal Ball, Judo, Archery, Swimming, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Volleyball. The number of athletes participating as well as on Peparnas XV / 2016 West Java 3,500 athletes from 34  provinces contingents throughout Indonesia.

    Meanwhile, further Aher said that all matters related services or accommodation for athletes in Peparnas will be the same with athletes in PON.

    In fact, it has been providing bus transportation that is specific to the athletes with disabilities.

    "Optimally our work on PON then should the same thing happen on Peparnas. So we will optimally serve the entire series of events on the PON, Similarly optimal at the same series of events Peparnas, "said Aher.

    "We also provide special transportation for the disabled. So the bus was specially designed for the disabled, "said Aher.


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