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    Netty: PKK Cadres Must be Sensitized On Social Issues


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan said as PKK cadres not only educate about 10 PKK Programs only, but must be sensitive to the conditions experienced by the people today like human trafficking and sexual perversion. So through Jamboree, it is an appropriate moment to test the knowledge of each counsel cadres in the community.

    "As the PKK cadres must have a responsive attitude by observing the condition of environment, so it can build information and current knowledge and how the cadres to build interpersonal communication with the public and local stakeholders, "said Netty at PKK Cadres Jamboree PKK West Java Province Level 2016 in Office Hall PKK West Java province, on Tuesday (3/10).

    "Let us together show a sense of nationalism with various potential owned. Who is able to become a mover and registrar for the government, as basic policies to achieve the target, "she continued.

    The PKK cadres Jamboree West Java province is an annual event carried out by the PKK. It is a form to improve insight and skills of cadres, improve performance, provide an opportunity to share experiences among a cadre of West Java and foster fraternity and Hospitality.

    In front of cadres Netty asserted, on the judging, committee has been trying to assess each race category without element of subjectivity even certain areas. Essentially victory is a better situation since the start of the cadre. And it does not mean demeaning of others because the victory will not be permanent.

    For those not fortunate to be a champion, said Netty, it can learn from the experience of other participants who became champion how to be better. Whatever do, we actually build consolidation which presenting welfare for society.

    "If this Cadre has power, our society is getting healthy and smart so avoid from the social problems that exist in today's society, "she said.

    Later, PKK cadres Jamboree winner of West Java Province Level 2016 cadre will be included into the National Jamboree in November. This activity was conducted for two days from October 3 to 4 that consists of PKK cadres and members from districts / cities in West Java.

    The 5 winners of the PKK Cadres Jamboree Competition of West Java Province Level 2016

    1. The 10 PKK Program Counseling
    First Winner Nuryana from Sukabumi
    Second Place Yanti Mulyati from Sukabumi
    Third Place Erlia Rami from Cimahi
    consolation prize winner 3 Neni Nurholisah from Cirebon
    consolation prize winner 2 Eva Parsiana from Kuningan
    consolation prize winner 1 Aat Solihat from Ciamis

    2. Children and Adolescents Counseling
    First Winner Yahumairah from Sukabumi
    Second Place Sulaisah from Ciamis
    Third champion Rita Novita from Tasikmalaya
    consolation prize winner 3 Diah Nurhayati from Cirebon
    consolation prize winner 2 Winda from Sukabumi
    consolation prize winner 1 Iis Ratnasari from Subang

    3. Story Telling
    First Winner Wiliani Tri
    Second Place Lismawati from Sukabumi
    Third Champion Sri Mardian from Bogor City
    consolation prize winner 3 Atin from District of Ciamis
    consolation prize winner 2 Ida Santika from District of Bandung
    consolation prize winner 1 Atin Nuryatin from Tasikmalaya

    4. Work Clothes Design
    First Winner Sania from District of Bogor
    Second Place Sulia from Bekasi
    Third Place Nansi from Banjar
    consolation prize winner 3 Fila Mapala from Majalengka
    consolation prize winner 2 Sukabumi
    consolation prize winner 1 Efi Yosef from Sumedang

    5. Decrease Maternal Mortality Counseling
    The First Champion Shinta from Sukabumi
    The Runner Up Nenden from Sukabumi
    The Third Champion Hidayat Paramita from Bekasi
    Consolation prize winner 3 Rini Kurniasih from Cianjur District
    Consolation prize winner 2 Nunung from Majalengka
    Consolation prize winner 1 Eva Saparia from Ciamis district

    Race Entertainment
    3rd Winner Tasikmalaya
    2nd Winner Cirebon
    1st Winner Sukabumi

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