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    Aher Inaugurates Humanitarian Center AMCF


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated the Humanitarian Center built by Asian Muslim Foundation or Asian Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) in cooperation with the Government of West Java province in Gala Dinner and Soft Launching Humanitarian Center AMCF program in Aryaduta Hotel, Jl. Sumatra, Bandung, on Monday night (10.03.16).

    Asian Muslim Foundation is a non-profit organization, which is internationally charity  engaged in various fields of social and community. While the Humanitarian Center, founded by AMCF in West Java as pioneer or the first in Indonesia and it is expected to become a pilot for Humanitarian Center to be built in various other areas in Indonesia.

    AMCF Director Ahmad Faisal Siregar said Humanitarian Center program have been proposed since 2015. This program has principles to help all groups, religion, age, location, and open to cooperate with other parties without the tendency political interests.

    "Humanitarian Center is a program that will provide moral and material support into isolated areas in Indonesia in the fields of education, health, and peace, "said Ahmad Faisal.

    Humanitarian Center in West Java is the result of cooperation with The Govenment of West Java Province. And for a while, on Monday afternoon (10.03.16) Humanitarian Center AMCF in West Java have been unveiled, with offices at Jalan Sapan, Bojongsoang, Bandung district. In addition to humanitarian assistance during a disaster, humanitarian center AMCF have some other activity programs for education as well as training in the field of disaster.

    Aher also welcomed the presence of AMCF's Humanitarian Center. with the presence of AMCF Aher hope to provide the broadest possible benefits for community in West Java.

    "With the presence of AMCF, it will help to bring the settlement disaster and social settlement faced by the people of Indonesia, "said Aher in his speech.

    "On behalf of the Provincial Government would welcome the cooperation with anyone in disaster management, in program centers of humanity. Because of course, the state serves to bring the guarantee of humanity, but on the same time, countries should seek support and do work together with various parties in order to more robust and thorough, "said Aher after the ceremony.

    Meanwhile, the Advisory Council of the Central MUI Din Syamsudin present at this occasion said that with the presence of the Humanitarian Center will add to the list a charity or charitable organizations and humanitarian service movement which are already emerging in Indonesia. "It would be more meaningful and also tells us, the real nation of Indonesia that Islam is a religion of humanity, "said Din Syamsudin, who also had been a Muhammadiyah chairman from 2010 to 2015.

    However, Din also thinks that these organizations mostly are incidental or when disaster strikes. This means that the organization can not be well-organized and still temporary. Thus, it is expected that the presence of AMCF through Humanitarian Center will present and contribute directly to the development of humanitarian movement program in Indonesia.

    "Therefore I welcome this humanitarian movement of AMCF and it is very appropriate concentrated in West Java, "said Din.

    Before establishing the Humanitarian Center in West Java, AMCF is also presenting other humanitarian activities program in various fields, such as education, grant physical and non-physical projects, as well as religious program. AMCF until now has 19 branches in the educational institutions in Indonesia, 1,321 grant projects, physical and non-physical such as mosques, orphanages, and others.

    In addition, AMCF also has a driving power the village through Dai program which scouted in 19 institutions throughout Indonesia currently numbering 431 volunteers, 99 orphanages that are the result of cooperation with various institution or organization in Indonesia.

    Also present at the event was Assistant to the Minister of Social Affairs Sector Accessibility Mu'man Nuryana, Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General Wuryanto, Vice Chief Police of West Java Brig. Nana Sujana, Donor Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) or Asian Muslim Foundation TM Mohammed Khoory, Vice Regent of Garut Helmi Budiman, Plt. Regent of Subang Imas Aryumningsih, Vice Regent of Majalengka Karna Sobahi, the Head of the OPD in the West Java province, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Achmad Asian Muslim Yemen, as well as other invited guests.

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