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    West Java Film Festival 2016 Creativity Space for Short Movie Filmakers


    BEKASI Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar officially inaugurated West Java Film Festival (FFJB) in 2016 for BKPP II area, in the Meeting Hall, Islamic University 45 (Unisma) Bekasi on Monday afternoon (03.10.16).

    Screening of short films made by young filmmakers from Bekasi City, District of Bekasi, Karawang, Subang and Purwakata will be played until Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

    Vice Governor Mizwar Deddy said, holding FFJB is to provide creativity space for the short film community in West Java, so the The filmmakers know each other and learn about filmmaking.

    "We want to give creativity space for the film community so they can know each other, see each other's work of his friend, "he said.

    West Java provincial government through the Department of Tourism and Culture as an organizer also wants to give an award for short film makers in West Java who have good quality film. The films will also be included in the international short film festivals.

    FFJB convening for the second year, according to vice governor that has a myriad experience in national film, it is expected to encourage the film industry in Indonesia. Appreciation from the community will also increase after watching the works of filmmakers whose content contains many film abut social critics, entertainment, cultural and other creations.

    "We expect the appreciation from the community will be increased after watching this, the impact for our film industry is increasing, "he said.

    Not only the short film, there is a new category of competition in FFJB 2016 ie music videos. The expectations of the participants FFJB 2016 will exceed the first FFJB in 2015 as many as 236 participants.

    "So not only West Java, we also will be open for the whole of Indonesia, we will give a special awarding to them, so that the film is growing everywhere, even in Papua there was already independent films not only in West Java, so we have a comparison, "said Vice Governor.

    Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java, Ida Hernida said, Screening FFJB 2016 will be conducted in five regions West Java BKPP till October 20, 2016. The three best films were selected from each region BKPP will contested again at the final of FFJB 2016 in 12 November 2016 at Dago Tea House Bandung.

    "The three films nominated per BKPP will enter the final in Dago later and we will give the prize money for their development, "said Ida.

    "It's amazing growth for short film in West Java. Many embryos and hidden talents which should be facilitated, "she concluded.

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