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    Bill PIHU Improve The Quality of The Hajj Implementation


    BANDUNG-Commission VIII of the House of Representatives together with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and the Council of Regional Representatives (DPD) discussed the bill concerning the Implementation of Hajj and Umrah (Bill PIHU). According to vice Chairman of Commission VIII, Iskan Qolba Lubis, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (4/10) said that the substance of the draft PIHU is how to improve the quality of the Hajj.

    "There are many shortcomings in the implementation of the Hajj and Umrah, the old rule which is The Act number 13 of 2008 needs to be replaced "he said.

    One cause has not been optimal in implementation of the Hajj, because the accumulation of powers in the hands of the government in this case the Ministry of Religion. "During this time the Ministry of Religious role as regulator, executor, and supervisor (supervision). It made ineffective, inefficient, and prone aberrations ".

    The government should understand the issues that developed in the community about the demands in optimizing the implementation of the Hajj.

    "In various forums, The house of Representatives continued to express how the implementation of the Hajj should be more optimal, "he said.

    On the other hand, the House of Representatives understand the concerns about the Ministry of Religious Affairs which is establishing an agency in the implemetation of the Hajj. to form this agency, added Iskan, it will need a long time to adjust with new system.

    However, the existence of the agency in the implementing the hajj could make implementation professionals. One of them in the recruitment system human resources.

    "In terms of recruitment, for example, there must be a difference between the government and agency. If done by agency then it will tend to be more free, so that more qualified. Thereby eliminating their connotations-for ration of the Ministry of Religion, "he concluded.

    Expectations for optimizing the implementation of the Hajj, said Iskan can be realized through the fund management of hajj managed professionally.

    "If the fund management of the hajj has been managed professionally, so the implementation of Hajj forward would be better, "

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