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    Three Candidates for Mayor and Vice Mayor Claimed Healthy


    CIMAHI-KPU members Cimahi, Rusdi Harun Rashid said the three pairs candidate (balon) Mayor and Vice Mayor of Cimahi for The Election of Mayor and Vice Mayor Cimahi In 2017, they are already fulfiled the standards for health requirements.

    "The results of the medical examination team declared that healthy in body and soul, as well as negative in drug abuse," said Rusdi told reporters on Sunday (2/10).

    The three pairs of candidate would be mayor and vice mayor of Cimahi for Election of Mayor and Vice Mayor of Cimahi In 2017, accordance to registration, they are Ajay Muhammad Priatna-Ngatiyana, Asep Hadad-Irma Didjaya Indriani and Atty Suharti-Achmad Zulkarnain. The candidate of Cimahi mayor and the vice mayor undergo a medical examination in Cibabat hospital, Cimahi on 25 and 26 September 2016.

    "KPU only accept the recommendations from the medical team, consisting of the elements of the Indonesian Doctors Association, the Indonesian Psychological Association and the National Narcotics Agency. In the recommendation, the entire candidate judged not to have dangerous illness, mental disorder or indicated using drugs, "he said.

    "If the candidates wants to know the results in detail, can be asked to the team of medical examiners or Cibabat Hospital" said Rusdi.

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