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    Provincial Government Continues to Support The Development of TPA Nambo & Legok Nangka


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government continues to encourage the accelerated development garbage Final Processing Places (TPA) regional Nambo and Legok Nangka. Met at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, on Monday (03.10.16),West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the current stage construction of two landfill has entered the tender stage.

    Final Processing Places Legok Nangka located in two administrative regions
    government which are Garut and Bandung regency, admitted by Aher his party was consulting to the Policy Institute for Procurement of Goods / Services (LKPP). This consultation is done because the land will be used to build Final Processing Places in Legok Nangka is owned by the Government of West Java Province which will be tendered to the prospective waste manager.

    As for Nambo landfill in Bogor, Aher explained that it have determined the winner of the tender. However, there are two winning bidder Final Processing Places in Nambo and they have not been officially determined the winner because we want a financial guarantee or budget of the winning bidder to build the landfill Nambo, said Aher.

    Aher also asked the Development and Financial Supervision Agency (BPKP) to audit or oversee financial owned by the winning bidder. "To make sure we took the BPKP. We are asking BPKP for checking or controling the winning bidder related to financial guarantee particularly, "said Aher.

    "So there are two winning bidder, when BPKP decide the first winner of tender did not have a financial guarantee then it will be transferred to the second winning bidder, "he added.

    Until now, the audit process was conducted by BPKP. Aher hope in the near future BPKP will soon give adviced to the West Java provincial government party so we can soon properly decide the winner of Nambo landfill.

    "Do not let us decide (the company winning the tender) while the company doesn't start to work. For example, after we decide the winner, the company still look for funding. So, we want to decide the winner while the winning bidder itself has financial guarantees which supported by financial institution in order to build the Final Processing Plcaes in Nambo "he concluded.

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