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    Infrastructure Development, Threaten Food Security


    TASIKMALAYA-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said West Java still contribute greatly to national food availability. But the massive infrastructure development be a threat to availability of agricultural land sustainability.

    This was disclosed after the Technical Meeting of Community Food Security 2015 in West Java with theme 'Achieving Food Independence Through Optimisation of Local Resources', in Sukamantri Village, Ciawi District, Tasikmalaya, Thursday (12/11).

    This meeting was held to strengthen coordination and synergy between the perpetrators of food security and local governments, in order to create increased productivity, as well as realisation of resilience and self-sufficiency. This activity was attended by approximately 400 farmer groups/organizations perpetrators food security.

    Demi said spatial system needs to be considered properly, because he does not want if rice-producing village but instead of food insecurity. Vice Governor also thinks this food security is cross-sectoral. This is because food security is affected various sectors such as infrastructure, relating to the availability of agricultural land.

    "There is a threat here, then I have to remind again. We will build Citas toll, Cileunyi-Tasikmalaya. But there are risks to watch out, because there will be a greater residential growth, the growth of factory which consuming the agricultural land,” he said.

    Demiz said West Java is the province that contribute greatly to food security, particularly in 18% of national rice. "So the challenge in the future with the development of outstanding infrastructure, we expect on sustainability of agricultural land and how to strengthening food security in the village. There must be village fund in infrastructure. Hopefully the next village funds has been poured, then the infrastructure in the village can be built to minimise food insecurity in village,” he said.

    Moreover Vice Governor also said, that food security, not only of ‘un-hungry’ case. But the nutritional value should also be taken into account, so that this nation has a healthy, smart, and competitive generation.

    Therefore, according to Vice Governor, he invites people to eat food nutritious, varied and well balanced, safe, and halal," said Vice Governor.

    "Although we build schools everywhere, don’t let malnutrition also vulnerable everywhere. It means that we also prevent the 'lost generation', though increasing in nutrients. So that we should move the villagers (farmer groups) having awareness of food and nutrition,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Head of the Regional Food Security West Java Province Dewi Sartika, explained that not a few problems arise in the field of food security as part of the dynamics regional development.

    The issue of free food insecurity has been listed on RPJMP (Medium-Long Term Development Plan) of West Java Province of 2013 to 2018. In line with the vice governor, she considers this problem as something cross-sectoral.

    "Achievement of West Java in free from vulnerability to food security require a serious handling through cross-program and cross-cutting integration, namely agriculture, forestry and fisheries, cooperative sector, housing sector, industry and trade, electricity, irrigation, health and education,” said Dewi.

    She mentioned that the current development food security in West Java remains steady. This is evidenced West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan by obtaining awards 'Adhikarya Pangan Nusantara', 3 times in a row in 2012, 2013, 2014.

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