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    Regent Anna Sophanah Inaugurate 11 Development Projects


    INDRAMAYU-Regent of Indramayu, Hj.Anna Sophanah inaugurated eleven development project for Regency (Regency) of Indramayu which already completed in 2016.

    At the inauguration which took place in the area of integrated travel and water sports Balongan Beautiful beaches, the District of Balongan Hj. Anna invites all citizens to keep and maintain the development results already inaugurated.

    "I invite citizens to work together to preserve and maintain what which has existed. Let us exploit and use the infrastructure as well as its designation "he said.

    Accompanied by Forkopimda, Chairman of the Parliament, Chairman of the Court and Chairman of tge Religious Court, and also all heads of SKPD in Indramayu regency, Hj.Anna signed inscription the eleventh development projects.

    Hj.Anna appealed to all parties to make the most facilities and infrastructure already built and inaugurated the sheer for the benefit of society.

    "All that has been built and inaugurated, should be used maximally for the benefit of society, because what we got up to meet the needs of society, "he said.

    Head of the Regional Secretariat Control Program (Setda) District Indramayu, Suryono explained, the inauguration is intended to provide information to the public regarding the conduct of physical development office and the infrastructure of the government, and Indramayu District construction is already finished.

    "The inauguration of these projects, also included in the series of 489th Anniversary Indramayu and Tjimanoek Festival 2016 "he said

    Suryono detailing eleven development projects were inaugurated them Prawira bridge Darung district of Balongan, Building installation Central Surgery Indramayu District Hospital, integrated area of travel and water sports beach Balongan, integrated tours area and water sports beach Tirtamaya, Mother and son clinics Indramayu District Government.

    The other project, said Suryono, bridges, irrigation District of Indramayu, space Class III hospitals care Pantura M.A. Sentot Patrol, Hospital Blood Bank Pantura M.A. Sentot Patrol, laundry and hospitals CSSD Pantura M.A. Sentot Patrol, The Fish Auction (TPI) Tegalagung District of Karangampel, and Water Installation Treatment (IPA) PDAM Tirta Dharma Ayu Sliyeg.
    Protocol Setda Indramayu)

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