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    Religious People Have Got The Power


    Tasikmalaya-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said, Islam is a comprehensive teaching. The spirit of the Islamic presence in various spheres of people life from space creed, sharia, moral, education, welfare, economy, politics and also many other things including the state.

    Then Aher said, religious people need to be presented in various spheres of life including the state. Because when religious people have power, then the best authority will be presented.

    It was expressed by Aher because one of the change summit was in political power. With the power, the impact created by religious people would be widely effected in public life. The State, as an institution of higher power, can be used by religious people to share the kindness massively based on the religion.

    "If there are fields considered dirty not to be clean by us, it will remain dirty. just because it is dirty, no one clean people get in. No one is willing to clean up. But then when someone is going to clean up, clean people is willing to get in, and then the number becomes majority. Inshaa Alloh we will clean the face of politics. as clean as the clean people get into it, "said Aher when giving tausiyah in the reunion of Alumni Association Miftahul Huda (hamida) XXXVIII in Miftahul Huda Manonjaya boarding school Tasikmalaya regency, Sunday night (02/10/2016).

    "That's politics! Politics is a part of religion. Religion and the power it needs to present side by side. Religion without power are weak, power without religion is a sense of futility in life. "Decisive him.

    Aher also exemplifies the history of Islam during the Bani Umayah period, during the reign of Caliph Umar bin Abdul-Aziz. Where it was the short period of his leadership (717-720 AD), his successful reign alleviate poverty, eradicate vices, unemployment, the foundation was piety to Allah SWT.

    "When the reign advanced, the whole community is Muzakki, charity giver, no one is Mustahiq, the recipient of charity. Of course this comes because the piety thoroughly to Allah, "he said.

    That is Islam said Aher, thorough religion and provides a balance for human life. Islam lead people to success the world and the hereafter at once.

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