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    Military Commander Observes Work of Devotion in the Citarum River


    Kab.Bandung-Military Commander III / Siliwangi Major General Hadi Prasojo observed works of devotion Citarum Bestari in celebrating the 71th Anniversary of The Military located in the District of Dayeuhkolot Bandung Regency, Sunday (2/10.

    Works of devotion in order to celebrating 71th Anniversary of The Military deplyoyed 1500 personnel consisting of military, police, community organizations, students and the surrounding community.

    Military Commander III / Siliwangi Major General Hadi Prasojo directly observed the location which was implemented works of devotion and continued with reforestation planting trees on the banks of the Citarum river.

    Military Commander III / SLW say that the work of devotion is continuation of programs Citarum bestari that has been implemented by Military Command III / SLW along with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan on June 2, 2016 four months ago and until now. Works of devotion was held in conjunction with the service continued to the 71 anniversary of the military.

    He added, the activity followed by tree planting on the banks of the citarum river that serves to hold and reinforce riverbanks that are not easily eroded by water.

    He explained that the work of this devotion plant 1500 trees in scattered locations in some point made directly by members.

    The purpose is to make the service work and make the Citarum river clean unsightly which is lately severe pain, dirty and well, he said.

    With the work of this devotion, Citarum river has become clean and our expectations to the citizens are aware not throwing garbage into rivers and creeks again, he said.

    This event was attended by Irdam III / SLW, The Assistant, Kabalakdam III / SLW and Kapendam III / SLW Colonel Arh MD. Ariyanto and Chief BPLHDs Jabar Anang Sudarna.

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