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    KAB-SUKABUMI-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) stated that the boarding school is a typical Indonesian education system. Boading School is a 'role model' of complete education package. At boarding school, students will be equipped with the mastery of two bases of knowledge, the science of 'ulum' which teaches Iman and Taqwa (IMTAQ), as well as 'Funun' or Science and Technology (Science and Technology), so that schools will bring balanced and wise human characters.

    This is necessary because, according Aher, Islam is a religion of balance, prosperity religion and spirituality as well. Islam is a religion that asked people to succeed in World and Hereafter.

    "Excellence of Imani will be more stable when supported by excellence in science and technology," stated Governor Aher at the Tabligh Akbar Welcomed 1 Muharram 1438 Hijri, 26th Tasyakur Pesantren Al Qur'an, 31st Haul late Kh. Abdullah Syafi'ie and Haul Akbar Muslims, in Pesantren Al Qur'an Kh. Abdullah Syafi'ie, As Shafi'iyah, Pulo Air, Sukabumi, Sunday (02/10).

    "Just look at the country (state) inhabited by Muslims, it is outstanding rich region in average. However, with Natural Resources overflow, Muslims are not on welfare. But in otherside of The Earth, where people are not having Faith in Allah, they prosper, because it has a Human Resources (HR) control science and technology. This is actually the point of issues that must be considered together, "he said.

    The step to achieve ressurection is requirement to mastery of IMTAQ (ulum), and Science and Technology (Fonun). Muslims need to master the knowledge of the Qur'an and Al Hadith for the life hereafter. Muslims also need to master the knowledge to ease the life, cultivate the universe.

    Aher gave an example, he said, "it is true that region inhabited mostly non-Muslims are advanced materially, but spiritually still questionable. Advancement of 'emptiness. The proof, during the progress, much going disobedience, despair for the failed as a suicide, and the freedom that 'excessive', because the progress without faith, "He said.

    Therefore, pesantren as 'sophisticated' institutions according Aher, need to be developed, promoted, following the demands of the times, in order to provide intelligent human with IMTAQ and Science and Technology, so that progress can be achieved.

    Back Aher exemplified in the history of Islam, that nine of the 10 companions of the Prophet were guaranteed Paradise is a companion of the Prophet wealthy category. Therefore, the balance in the life of the world and the hereafter has been present since the beginning of Islamic history.

    Also to support the advancement of boarding school graduates, in the future alumni of Pondok Pesantren can move on to the higher education to the prestigious campus like UIN, ITB, IPB, UNPAD, UI and other universities. Especially at this time, West Java province has a college scholarship program for graduating memorized the Qur'an at State Universities (PTN) and memorized over 15 juz of the Quran.

    Also present at the event, head of Pondok Pesantren Al Qur'an Kh. Abdullah Syafi'ie, KH. AS & Hj Abdul Rashid. Azizah Aziz, Jabar Kemanag Kakanwil A. Buckhori, ulama, and the Asatid.

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